All posts for the day August 24th, 2009

This is weird.  This is very, very weird.  See, there’s this model…a cute as all get out redhead?  She’s a doll to work with, a sweetheart in person, and a lovely lady to boot…I can’t get her outta my fraking head, shoot-wise!!

I should probably be looking for other fresh faces for TucsonTied; other lovely ladies who can pose for me…but for some reason, all thoughts come back to Stacie Snow.  Bizarro…

Stacie Snow

Oh, waitaminnnute…now I remember why!  She’s a doll to work with…a sweetheart in person and a lovely lady to boot.  Huh…I already said that, didn’t I?  Hmmph.

I’m hooked.

Stacie ponders her bondage…

(Gotta get Stacie back in those heels again…wow!!)  Been a while since a model had this kind of hold on me, creatively…probably not since Angel.  Understand, I’m not a “once only” kind of shooter; I don’t only shoot a model once and that’s it…but we’re going on our 4th shoot in just a few months…that’s quite the phenomenon for me.

I need to get Stacie in a ball gag again…

So many things to do, so little time to do them in…ah, me.  She’s got a gorgeous friend I’d like to shoot with as well…trouble is, I might not run out of different angles and things to shoot Stacie in for years…

Stacie Snow

Poor “Jones”.  She might just have a wait ahead of her…;)


I’m trying to write about SOMETHING every day, but for some reason, it’s all coming up “meh”.  LOL…the once mighty “Tolstoy” reduced to mere silence…it’s horrifying, really!  Ever have one of those moments when you want to spit something out, but your tounge disagrees with the ability and it all winds up coming out like mush? 

I got that right about now.  😉

I feel a “Model Profile” coming on…maybe in the morning, things’ll look a little better and i’ll find my voice…for now, I’m just feeling BLAH.

More later…


Ooooo….I know!!  Free game site…go have fun shooting computerized, pixellated kittens out of a cannon for the best distance!!  The game is called “Kitten Cannon”…amusing fun.