All posts for the day August 26th, 2009

LOL…I think you all know about my “sis”, ex TucsonTied model, Angel. Brief
re-cap for those who don’t…Angel modeled for me a few times, and she and I got
along so well that we “adopted” each other, becoming “brother” and “sister”.

My lovely “sis”, Angel

My all-time fave bondage shot of Angel

And, some sexy pink rope stuff…Angel

We’re in contact at least once a week now, even tho she’s retired from modeling.
Just got an e-mail from her that was a HOOT…and she gave me permission to
share it with you all (with some name-changes and editing, natch):

The twins (she has 2 year old twin boys and an 11 year old son) are great and
chewing on everything as always. They chewed up their entertainment center in
their room. I went to Home Depot and picked up a piece of Plexiglas for the
backing. Thats the part they keep chewing off and getting to the cords.

So, my 11 year old and I are in the store talking to some dude named “Denis”, My
son gets irritated because “Denis” is checking his mother out. (gets funnier
later) Anyway, they told me that I should use screws and washers to make sure
the glass stays in place. I was watching “Denis” fumble around for awhile
getting irritated so he called over someone else. This someone else (I can’t
remember his name) was very helpful.

He found the screws and washers, but this gave me time to think of a better more
efficient way to mount this on the entertainment center. I was all “Can’t I just
use flat brackets?” The look that crossed both of their faces. I explained to
them that it would cover more space on the edge then a simple screw and washer.
They had that look of “OMG she knows things”. I suppose they are not used to
women having a technical brain? So the new guy tells “Denis” thank you for his
help and tries to shoo him off, but Denis is not going to give up that easily

He follows us to where my son, the dude and myself are walking. My son at this
time is glaring at Denis.. finally my son snaps his head up and says ” DUDE SHE
IS MARRIED AND MY MOM!” I was dumbfounded! Loss for words?? the other dude
started to laugh and Denis turned BRIGHT red and wondered off… holy shit put
in place by a 11yr old. HAHAHAHA how damn funny is that. On the way outta the
store my boy tells me… ” I’m sorry mom, but you are not a piece of steak… he
looked at you like you were!” Anyway gonna go maybe I will call ya laters.. love
Your Sis,

She did call and gave me some more details…apparantly the young man is growing
up…he recognized “the look” that “Denis” was giving his mom…because he
himself was more or less using it on the girls in school!! Ah, me…

LOL and too funny, huh?