All posts for the day August 29th, 2009

Just got home from assisting at a Dave Annis Pantera shoot (HOT shoot, btw)…after we dropped her off and were going to leave, my car died!  Dammit to hell, anyways…  Well, after calling for roadside assistance, we went to move my car to a place where the mecahnic they’d send would be able to get at it, and just for kicks I went to start it…and it turned over!

Been here before…it’s just a dead battery, fortunately.  $75 and I’m good to go once again.  But still, first my computer, now this.  Not a good time to be “Tolstoy” Tony…grumble.


EDIT: Do I know my car, or do I know my car?  Final bill: $77.12.  I wasn’t too far off…lol.