All posts for the day May 7th, 2010

Re-posting this from my Yahoo Group.  The “new Group Pic” I speak of is one of the recent Stacie shots I posted here.  😉

So, I don’t come here with this kinda crap often, but I feel like talking
today…especially after spending a good part of the day thinking about it.
“Talking”, of course, meaning writing on electronic paper…lol. 😉 Bear with
ol’ “Tolstoy” gang, I’m just a bit shook.

My store got robbed again. Bitch of it is, this time I was alone in the store
when they came in. Started out normal enough…asking questions about the
product and such…then they just started grabbing stuff off the shelves. As
they ran for the door, one of them made it clear that chasing after them was not
a good idea….gawd.

This is becoming a normal thing, and I’m really hating on it. It’s only gonna
be a matter of time before somebody gets hurt…probably me, as I’m always the
one who closes down the place. It’s hard to change gears on a job I still like,
especially one that’s taken care of me for 6 years now. Hours’ve been cut and
it’s not doing as well as it has been, so that’s a def consideration.

Problem is this: would a new job let me go to FetCon in August? Probably
not…and I could really use that time away.

UGH! I’m gonna let the whole thing simmer for a bit…maybe start looking for
something different next week. A particularly gorgeous woman I know who’s name
rhymes with…(…the hell does “Candle” rhyme with?!)…ah, hell…Candle
suggested “Wally World” (i.e. WalMart), and that’s seeming like a better idea
than ever. Maybe amidst tomorrow’s errands, I’ll go put in an app or two.

I hate to leave as the people there now seem more like family than just
co-workers, but I could use a larger paycheck…and a better peace of mind.

Thanks for letting me vent, gang…hopefully the new Group Pic makes up for you
all having to read all that…lol. If you have any insights, please feel free
to write…any input’ll help me at this point.

Oh, and just for the sake of saying it…no, I will not jump ship without having
another one to sail in; meaning, I won’t leave this job without having another
one. 😉

Thanks again…