All posts for the day February 2nd, 2013

One of my custom clients likes “leg glam”, for lack of a better way of putting it…keeping the upper body bound and just letting the model show off her gorgeous gams.  Have to admit to being a fancier of that myself…and an example of that is a part of TucsonTied’s latest update that just posted today.  🙂



Candle Boxxx’s gorgeous legs…YUM!

Odd title, that…no?  Ninety Four Thousand, Nine Hundred And Fourty Eight.  Wonder what I’m driving at with that?  Well…I’m that close to one MILLION views on this blog, believe it or not.  When I started this, I had no IDEA that views would get that high…and now, here I am, close to cracking the one million mark for how many times this humble blog has been viewed.  Staggering thought, actually.  🙂

No worries, by the way…the “Sneak Peeks” are coming up next…I just felt like typing this as well. 🙂

Never even imagined that I’d be able to get that kind of viewership or that views would go that high.  Wow.  🙂  Also just felt like typing…I think I finally completed my ideal desktop setting…I found a “high performance mouse” from Logitech a few weeks ago that is completely bitchin’, and now, thanks to Staples “Rewards” program, I also have the perfect keyboard.  Wireless…and also conventional BATTERY-less as well; it’s a SOLAR powered keyboard.  It really kicks ass…and Logitech makes some kick-ass product; they have a lifetime customer in this tech-nerd.  😉

Off to pull pics for the “Sneak Peeks”…