All posts for the day February 4th, 2013

Just chilling…tomorrow, I’m working with Sasha Fae as an assistant to Dave Annis for a shoot of his; Thursday, she shoots for me again, so it’s a somewhat busy month already!  🙂  Time to get back to the grind, I guess; OOOH…”Eegee’s Grinder” sandwich…THOUGHT!  🙂  Haven’t eaten as yet and that’s a local chain deli that makes the most AWESOME sandwiches…gotta hit that up!  🙂

Well…it’s Monday and I’ve just updated Candle Boxxx’s Yahoo Group…how about I give you all one shot from each of my shoots with her?  These are all in chronological order, too.  🙂

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Candle Boxxx, shoot #1


Candle Boxxx, Shoot #2


Candle Boxxx, Shoot #3


Candle Boxxx, Shoot #4