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Hi, all!

I know I said I was gonna be working with Sasha yesterday for Dave Annis…but they wound up needing to postpone; we work later in the month.  Me, I’m working with her tomorrow for TucsonTied, and next week as well…between Dave and I, we’re keeping Sasha a very busy girl, yes?  🙂  All with good reason…she’s absolutely gorgeous and one of the tops in the field in my book; I adore that girl.  🙂

Anyway, since there had to be a postponement, Dave and I checked out the new Stallone flick; high marks from me and I reccomend it.  🙂  There was a brief bondage scene, but not much to talk about…gal was tied on a chair with wrists behind her, but no bondage on her ankles and she wasn’t gagged; typical Hollywood stuff.  🙁  I swear…H’wood needs to hire one of us from the profession as a “bondage consultant” for their flicks…the quality of Hollywood bondage is sorely lacking…lmao!  😉  And yes, this is inevitable the part where folks tell me about the good Hollywood bondage, and I agree…there has been some good stuff over the years, and recently in the flick, “The Disappearance of Alice Creed”, it looked like there was some GOOD stuff…haven’t seen it just yet.  🙂  Know any good movies outside the bondage field, fans?

Anyway…pic time…pic is Kymberly Jane…check out more of her at!!!  🙂



Kymberly Jane