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Ho hum.  Nothing to talk about.  Guess I’ll end it here………….

Oh, wait, I shot with Sasha Fae yesterday!!  🙂  Ah, she was in GREAT spirits yesterday…we had a GREAT time!  🙂  Have to tell you a little story…happened during this tie…


Sasha Fae

I was in the process of tying her…got up to maybe the crotchrope, so she wasn’t gagged yet…and we hear a knock at the door.  “Oh, CRAP!  What do we DO?”  “Just stay quiet…I’m tied TO the chair this time…there’s no way I’m moving…” and that pretty much covers it…lol.  Note that her ankles are tied to the chair and it’s not on wheels…the only time I’ve used that chair recently and NOW we get a knock…lmao!  It was just a UPS guy delivering some clothing articles purchased for another later custom…we just let him knock a few times and he delivered it to the apartment complex office.  🙂  Fortunately, we weren’t doing any struggle video, or things might’ve gone differently…OY!

Anyway…we had a FUN shoot yesterday…it was an outSTANDING shoot…how about a few more teasers and I stay quiet?  🙂



Sasha Fae


Sasha Fae