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Yes, there’ll be a pic, but first you get to hear me ramble.  🙂  It won’t be TOO long…but something is on my mind.

Got contacted by a FetLife member last night and asked to look at a picture.  He said he found it on the net, so it HAD to be for free, right?…and that he was told by another FetLife member that it may have been one of my pics; if I’d like it removed, just say so.  Grrrrrr.

Over the years, my stance on copyright has softened to some degree.  I used to be, “Kill ’em all and let God sort it out,” about it…remove that pic, how DARE you have it up without my say so!  Nowadays?  Not so much.  I’d prefer that you contact me and ask if it’s all right…after which, I’ll say sure, but put the model’s name in your caption of the pic, credit me as being the photographer, and leave a link to my website so folks can find me if they want to see more of my work; pretty damn reasonable, all things considered.  I have the right to BE an ass about it and outright say no…I prefer not to.  Mark my word, I can and do file DMCA paperwork with sites to have my work removed when I feel it’s necessary….I just don’t feel it’s necessary as much as I used to.

But the case I’m talking about above?  TOTALLY different and TOTALLY out of left field.

It was a “manipulation” of the work.  It was one a pic of one of my models from my first shoot with her, my website watermark removed, and another site’s watermark put on it.  Oh…and also, her head was Photoshopped off and a pic of Jessica Alba’s head (tape gagged, yet) was in it’s place.  My pic was manipulated to be one not of the model bound and gagged…but of Jessica Alba bound and gagged…complete with my website identifiers removed and someone else’s put in it’s place.  :/  I looked a little further in my pics and found two other fakes like this of my work…kinda distressing.

I asked the member to remove them and he did.

I look at it like this…doing this manip job stole the identity from the pic.  It wasn’t my pic of her anymore, but someone else’s work.  Y’know what?  Get your own damn model and take your own damn pics of her to remove her head and face to do celebrity manips with. Dammit.

Look…I know you all are on social sites like FetLife, Facebook and others that have pic and video postings…frankly, I’d rather you not post my stuff up there without my knowing it.  You can argue until you’re blue in the face that piracy does nothing, but it does.  It picks my pocket daily.  This isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s the way I make a living thru life and pay my bills, and when you post my content freely to sites so people who want it can get it for free, it curtails my ability to live.  And when you manipulate my shit so it’s not even mine anymore…fuck, that’s the ultimate insult.  It’s not “honoring” me, it’s removing me from my own work and it’s fucking wrong.  Just don’t do it all right?  And the next time you hit a torrent site and download content of mine from it…congratulations, you’ve stolen a meal from my mouth and the mouths of other producers who’s work is up on that site.

Rant over.  🙂  Pic is of Drea Morgan…looking at that gorgfeous girl brightens my dampened spirits.  🙂  More work of her and REAL LIFE models can be seen at: and



Drea Morgan