All posts for the day February 14th, 2013

Of all things, I seem to be doing a lot of late night activities lately.  Cleaned out under my bed?  11 pm.  Hung an extra photo light in the bedroom??  10:30 pm.   Bizarre.  Treated myself to the BEST steak dinner last night at The Texas Roadhouse…if you have a branch in your area, high recommends from Tolstoy.  🙂  They know how to cook a GOOD, juicy, fall-apart-in-your-mouth steak.  🙂

Random stuff, yes?  What can I say…I’m feeling random today.  🙂  Pic is from Britney Brooks…I’d like to think when I work with my models, I put them all on pedastals…in Britney’s case here, it was just a bar stool.  😉

If you’d like to see this whole set, go to: and click on one of the “Join” links…you won’t be sorry you did!  🙂



Britney Brooks