All posts for the day February 19th, 2013

I have a program that tracks certain stats of the blog (for example, the blog has been viewed 913,861 times)…one of those stats tells me that today is my 500th post!  VERY cool!  🙂

Nice that I actually have something to talk about today!  🙂  Gonna be shooting with Sasha Fae today…we’re doing two half hour dramas that’ll wind up being on the same program.  The first is of what happens during the ransom demand; we’re playing it like I’ve kidnapped poor Sasha and am making the “Gimme money or you don’t get Sasha back” video for her family with her…should be fun; one of my faves to shoot!  🙂  Tomorrow, she’s a stealthy thief who breaks into my place looking for stuff and I catch her.  Instead of calling the cops, I notice how sexy she is and instead decide on administering my own brand of “Bondage Justice” and put her thru several ties.  Gonna be FUN to shoot!  🙂

Well, I’ve got a couple hours until the fun begins and I need to set up shop…gonna blaze a new trail for now.  🙂  How about a pic of sexy Stacie Snow in some “kidnapped for ransom” bondage from the movie, “Stacie Snow, Boobs & Bondage”.

Click the link above to get the 60 minute video of it!  🙂



Stacie Snow