All posts for the day August 6th, 2020

So…with all my talk about it, I imagine you’re wondering about the new job I’ve undertaken…it’s going GREAT. 🙂 I knew I was in a great place when, after the lunch break, we came back to a “Carpool Karaoke” video of Britney Spears! 😛

Speeeeeeaking of Britney, I think, in this video, she confirmed something I’ve always suspected about her…Britney is a closet-bondage-babe. No, seriously…Brit at least knows about bondage. Can’t remember which concert it was, but I saw (on DVD) a concert of hers where she was belting out a song at the beginning of the concert and a couple of her stage dancers tied her hands in front of her on stage. Then I remember seeing her doing ads which had her either blindfolded or gagged (probably blindfolded); can’t remember which.

Anyway. During the “Carpool Karaoke” vid, she remarks, “Do you know about this thing called ‘bondage’?” Almost flipped my lid when she said that! Tho right after, she segued into tickling rather than bondage…somewhat disappointing.

Brit, if you’re listening…if you need a “bondage coordinator” for an album cover…call me!!! 😛

You can prolly find the segment by searching “Carpool Karaoke Britney Spears” on either Google or YouTube.

Today for us, tho? CJ Molina.