All posts for the day November 8th, 2020

Well, as of the writing of this post (yesterday), Joe Biden has WON the US Presidential Election and is set to be our next President…well, that’s how it is NOW, at least. 🙁

What I mean by that is, Trump is not going to go down fighting. He’s going to (and already HAS, to some degree) sick his “Legion Of Lawyers” (a supervillain team name, if ever I’ve heard or created one…lol) onto this with the intention of dragging the election, and us, the American People, through the legal mud, to keep his job. His colossal, monumental ego is feeding him now, I’m betting, and he just feels he shouldn’t lose…

Well, bubba, you DID lose…go away. Wish it were that simple. 😛

Anyway…Stacie Snow for today. 🙂