All posts for the day November 19th, 2020

Da fook is a “Fleet”??? I’m on Twitter enough, but I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to be or how to even use this…tool…I guess?

In other news, I got the trade paperback for the recent “Three Jokers” Batman event. Reading it, it actually made sense. I usually despise these “things have been different for decades, you just don’t know it” kind of things, like when Marvel said that the real Peter Parker had stopped existing as of Amazing Spider-Man #149 and we’d been following the adventures of the clone for decades (they thankfully got rid of that), but the idea of there being three different Jokers actually worked the way it was been presented in this 3-issue series. Recommended read, if you’re a Batman fan. 🙂

I also have started collecting bondage mags again…trying to recapture (PUN!) my youth and the fun and great imagery these bad boys provided 18 year old me. 😛 So far, I’ve managed to get my hands on Bondage Gallery #1 and 2, Bondage Photo Treasures #24-30, a one-shot called “Bondage Co-Eds” from Friendship Studios that featured a favorite model at the time, simply named “Tanya”, and Bondage Parade #35, which I saw while shopping and had a SLAMMING cover of Betsy Demont and Whitney Prescott that I’d never seen before. 😛 Speaking of “one-shots” from Friendship Studios, there’s one from them that I don’t have that sparked this in me and I want…It was called “Bondage Ransom” and featured the aforementioned Tanya and another model with a fantastic look and bod, but whose name has escaped me. If any of y’all know where I can snag that one, consider me appreciating you (Amazon and eBay already tried…my other sources for bondage mags on the net, gotten by searching Google for “Bondage magazines for sale”, all don’t have it) for it. 🙂

Isobel Wren for today. 🙂