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  1. Tony, you wouldn’t possibly be suggesting a lot of customers are…Karens, would you…?

    I’m looking at working in the service industry myself, so I’m bracing myself….

    I really like the second photo where Brooke’s hair is a bit disheveled, and he expression seems to say, “Now you got me — what are you going to do?”

    Beep! Beep!


    • Maybe I was too vague? 😛 Yes, there are TONS of “Karens” out there. One of my last customers told me to get her my supervisor because I couldn’t change a sale that Verizon was offering to her advantage…because I wasn’t “helping her enough” as she phrased it. :/ People think they’re owed the world these days. Wouldn’t work customer service again even for a mil a year!

      • Just to clarify a part of what I said there: say a store is offering 60% off on an item. My customer that I mentioned in the example basically called in and said, “I’m the best Verizon customer in the world, so you’re going to change that offer to 80% off. Can’t do that? You’re not helping me enough…get me your supervisor.” :/ “The Masses Are Asses”.

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