5 comments on “Arielle Lane

  1. There is no way to rant over Arielle unless you can find a way to put her an Sasha together and that wouldn’t be so much a rant as it would be a SUPER SALE for any time of year 🙂 have a great Cyber Monday Tony

  2. Will your next movie be “Karen in Distress”, where Arielle Lane gets bound&gagged in the break room after Demanding to Speak to the Manager…?

    Then, worse luck — you find out she’s INTO it, and wants to come home with you!

    • I’d have to look, but I believe Nyxon has made something like this…but without your conclusion. Bitchy “Karen” asks to speak to the manager, gets tied…lol. I like your conclusion better! 🙂

        • Yah, you’re right…it’s a disgusting trend in HUMANITY as a disease, it would seem. 🙁 I blame Trump for bringing it out in people. 😛 In the case of the “Who are you?” “Karen” (“Karen” lives in an apartment complex and someone of an ethnic background other than white is there and “Karen” rages on about not knowing the person, saying the person doesn’t live there, etc), “Karen” usually at the end of her speech winds up saying that her President, Donald Trump, is gonna get the “intruder’s” type out of the country as they “don’t belong here”. It’s despicable.

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