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  1. And Arielle aka “Lois” Lane, tied up again while attempting to break a major story!

    At which point does Supergirl, Wonder Woman or Batman show up and say, “You better cut this out – you might get to like it!”?

    ::Superman? He’s always known – he used his X-Ray Vision early on to see the party store handcuffs and ballgag she has right next to the Rabbit Vibrator in her bedside drawer!::

  2. DR DarkeAnd Arielle aka โ€œLoisโ€ Lane, tied up again ….
    Love it! Vaguely recall a story about how going thru puberty must of been for Superman/Superboy (did he have super sperm too?), etc.

    • Super hero sperm, huh? Brrrrrrr…only time I’ve ever heard this topic come up was in a future-time Spider-man story (ala Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight” story, with a 20-30 year older Spidey) that his sperm was radioactive and years of being his wife killed Mary Jane. (Alternate universe, remember.)

      No, I’m not kidding, either. :/

      Pretty distasteful story…but not as bad as the Norman Osborn/Gwen Stacy story…ugh.

      • Tony, I know you’re not kidding b/c when T and I were trying to pitch story ideas (unsuccessfully) for Marvel comics, we read a bunch of back issues to see what they’d already done with characters we’d wanted to write for, like Spider-Man. (Okay, I wanted to write Spider-Man – she wanted to write Misty Knight and Colleen Wing!)

        Can’t remember the title offhand, but I SURE remember the image of scrawny middle-aged Spidey with his Spider-Dong dangling at the bottom of the frame (the colorist had tried to obscure it with heavy shadows, but it was still discernible!).

    • Stryder – it was Larry Niven’s “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”, a fictional nonfiction think piece about what would happen if Superman REALLY had sex with a human woman (let’s call her “Lois Lane”), and other ways he could (1) get his rocks off, and (2) have a Super-Baby.


      • THANKS DR Darke much appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚ My computer time is limited and my “job” just recently gave me two weeks notice I’m being laid off soooooo I’ll be on the unemployment line 5/24 unless I can make something happen. Job interview Wednesday – fingers crossed

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