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  1. Ah, yes — Ashley Sinclair, bound and gagged wearing nothing but black pantyhose, black heels, black opera gloves and a black choker in Ye Old Generic Hotel Room!

    I’ve been thinking, once I get back into it, if maybe it would pay to rent a small ballroom and set it up as a studio that doesn’t look like a hotel room. Get in some dungeon gear, some doctor’s office equipment, a desk and chairs that look like a real office, some mats for exercise/wrestling fetish, and one wall that’s just green screen. Rent it out to photographers or producers for some amount that isn’t expensive but will make its money back in volume, and give me a place to shoot when nobody else is there….

    Would you rent it out if I set it up, Tony? And if you’re interested, what would you like to see in it?

    • I think we’re on opposite ends of the country, but yah, if I were in your neck of the woods, I’d rent it…be nice to have a set and I’d DEF wanna tie some secretaries at their desks…lol. My only request would be for it to not LOOK like a studio. I like James Bertoni’s sets, but sometimes they LOOK like a studio. ‘Course, if you’re tying babes on the bridge of the Enterprise (no foolin’…he has that set up…lol), you can’t help it. Just make it look like the areas in question and not like something that was set up to shoot content in. 🙂

      • I’ve seen sets with Bertoni’s ENTERPRISE Bridge – it’s…real impressive. Not quite as impressive as the one James Cawley built for his STAR TREK: PHASE II Web Series, but that was so convincing Paramount gave him permission to set up STAR TREK tours in it!

        I was thinking more of sets just for FetishCon that would look like something other than “Generic Hotel Room”. Maybe I’d come down a couple days early and set it up, and leave it up for a week so any stragglers could shoot there as well…?

        Need to work out the logistics, and see what Vesta and Mike say about it.

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