I’m overjoyed right now…don’t know how many in my “gamer” audience know about this, but you can now play “Point Lookout” in Fallout 4. “But Tolstoy,” you say, “Isn’t Point Lookout a bit of DLC content from the preceding game, Fallout *3*???” And yes, you’re right…Point Lookout DID come from Fallout 3. Thanks to modders, however, Point Lookout has FAITHFULLY and COMPLETELY been recreated in the Fallout 4 engine to be played today. The only difference I’ve noticed so far is the voice acting…which for legal reasons (copyrighted), the modders couldn’t use.

The goal of the “Capital Wasteland” team who’ve faithfully and carefully made this mod from the ground up, is to completely remake Fallout 3 into the Fallout 4 engine so that you can play the 2008 game with updated, modern graphics, DLC and all…and if this Point Lookout mod speaks anything to their progress and completeness, it’s gonna be a ga-zinger!!! 🙂 Bethesda, the game’s makers, by the way, are OK with the whole process…except where the voice files came in and I can understand that…you can’t get the voices of Ron Perlman (narrator) and Liam Neeson (character of “Dad”…yep, in Fallout 3, Liam Neeson is your Dad…lol) for free. 😛

Anyuway. I’m currently doing my first playthrough of the Point Lookout project and it’s so complete that I’m using a map from Fallout 3 to help me keep the locations straight. 😛 It’s an AWESOME mod!

Gracie Ryder for today.