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  1. Aw geez – ya better get packing Tony! Don’t forget your camera equipment, tripods, EXTRA batteries and other essentials (rope, cloth for gag’s, deodorant, clean clothes, models outfits, etc. etc). I’d make a list so I wouldn’t forget anything (I’m ALWAY’S forgetting SOMETHING – it’s terrible, have a memory like a sieve)!
    Hope you have fun, get some good photos/material and maybe some “cheesecake” shot’s for blog fodder? Would love to have a vacation like that (even if it was a working vacation) but my fiance’ would kill me! She’s Sicilian on her Father’s side, so I don’t mess around.

  2. Hope you charged your laptop and camera batteries before you packed (& bring you chargers). Clothes and lighting gear are important too! Hope you show off some “cheesecake” shots before and your scheduled photo shoots. See http://tucsontiedblog.com/?p=16556 and http://tucsontiedblog.com/?p=16571 Hopefully you’ll get Naomi Swann – fresh faced, pretty young thing in your ropes too! But I’m sure you’ll get good material regardless. Have fun!

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