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  1. Lovely Brooke Thomsen photo samples Tony! And the set (no pun intended) were you’re pulling down her dress top is also outstanding. For those who are able,”If you’re buying clips from TucsonTIed’s C4S this month, be sure to use this link to get to my store:
    My loaned/old/used Windows VISTA laptop gave me a scare yesterday – it crashed and crashed h-a-r-d got the “blue screen of death”. Think I know what I did wrong (tried to defrag the hard drive) question is how to remedy that. Backed up resume, photos, Google Chrome bookmarks, etc. Deleted a lot of stuff after the backup to USB drive to free up room. Trying to figure out what to do next.
    New York (state, city, Long Island?) COV19 cases seem to be “cresting” the next two weeks are supposed to be bad – hunkering down with my wife (who I’m grateful for and love dearly). Be safe everyone, and keep washing your hands.

  2. I know — it’s only the last couple days we got hand sanitizer, gloves and face masks — homemade on the masks, the gloves are from Home Depot, and the Sanitizer from a local orchard who have turned their hard cider production to 75% alcohol Sanitizer.

    At least people up here are pulling together, and so far I’m COVID-19 free!

    • Glad you were able to get hand sanitizer,gloves and D.I.Y. facemasks Dr Darke!!! Especially since those are all in short supply right now.
      Glad you don’t have the coronavirus too (myself I don’t know – I don’t feel unwell, but I COULD be carrying it and not know it, I hope not)!
      The orchard making hand sanitizer is a stroke of genius! This week and the next are supposed to be bad, so I’m staying in. MAYBE I’ll go out on my porch tonight to see the full moon. MAYBE I’ll do a snack run Thursday. But probably not – COV19 is spreading like wildfire where I live right now! 🙁 Day’s are starting to blend together

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