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  1. Congrats on the sanity saving move and the new job and the mini vacation you get in the meantime 🙂 Maybe you get to set up a shoot or 3 while your waiting on your new job to start or just enjoy the peace for a few weeks either way glad to see your doing well my friend.

  2. Holy @#$%!!!! Glad I read that blog post all the way to the end Tony! Just about gave me a heart attack! Glad ya have another job lined up (glad it PAYS more too)! 🙂 Hot and humid as blazes in Long Island today (relatively cool for someone from AZ, but LongIslanders don’t experience a “dry heat”)! 🙁 Not as hot as these Brooke Thomsen clips though see…
    Quote,“Brooke is Stripped to her pantyhose, stilettos and opera gloves, tightly hogtied and ball gagged. Oh Boy!”
    I’m going to go hyperventilate into a paper bag and pass out under the ceiling fan now……

  3. Tony — I get it, and I’m glad you got a new job w/some time to breathe between them.

    Sometimes phone company reps will make an exception…if you’ve been a customer for over two decades….and have a tendency to hang onto your phones for an extra couple years…AND don’t assume you’re entitled to it….

    Just wondering — are you posting *.webp pictures now for any particular reason? Or is that my browser “improving” things for me…?

    • There was no way to make any exceptions to offers. Once upon a time, I had the ability to waive, say, a $5 late payment fee, or the fee fir taking a payment, but just before I quit, the ability to do even small credits was made Supervisor-only. “Buy One, Get One” offers always have had ZERO ways to override them…least since I was a part of the company.

      I’ve made no changes to the format of the pics I upload…maybe something on your end?

      • ::maybe something on your end?::

        Very likely — I”m using Mozilla Firefox, and I’ll bet they “save space” by converting everything to *.webp format.

  4. Tony, just tried downloading pics on Chrome, and they’re *.jpgs there!

    Apparently Mozilla Firefox is changing images to *.webp….

      • Turns out there’s a *.webp converter extension build into Firefox, you just have to remember to load and use it instead of “Save Picture As”….

        Crazy indeed.

        • A little late to this discussion – but I was about to mention Google Chrome (my current primary browser). I LIKE Mozilla Firefox but haven’t used it in a while. Glad you solved the JPEG/Webp problem on your end DrDarke!
          As far as phone support goes. I haven’t done that in years and wouldn’t want to go back to it. I lit up a phone rep at QVC (or somewhere) about a laptop I was TRYING to order – before the Coronavirus layoffs hit. This last week I was cranky and hostile with a 20-something working a phone at my Condo. Have ALL kinds of plumbing woes. Trying to get my bathroom tile repaired – and I’m on the hook for the renters that live below me for damage(s) to THEIR bathroom. Can’t wait to see the final bill for this (still haven’t received my “coronavirus bailout check” either). I’ll just have to grit my teeth and get through this.

        • That’s one of the things I miss about Firefox, is all the extensions available (although you should use them sparingly, as it can slow down your web browsing a lot)! Google Crome, Opera (haven’t tried) all have extensions too – but what works on one web browser doesn’t necessarily work well on another. Miss being able to “tag” bookmarks. Chrome DOES have an extension for that – but my loaner/used laptop is overtaxed as it is.

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