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  1. Even though I’ve seen your work with her before (thankfully still have the JPEG/MPEG’s on one of my laptops SOMEWHERE from when I was a member)!
    Cali Logan ‘Her New White Sundress’ UnlimitedBoundage video
    Cali Logan TucsonTied Clips4Sale
    I was WONDERING when you were going to address the Trump riots/insurrection Tony (yeah I know you set up your blog posts in advance but I was still curious). Been ranting and raving on Twitter mostly and some on Facebook (TON’S of Trump fanboys that I used to go to High School with much to my disgust – already “unfriended” someone who was being to much of a pain in my @ss)! I THINK I sent ya a PM on this subject already (not sure either email or other….)
    Less than a week to go until President Trump leaves office and Joe Biden/Kamala Harris takes over – they’re gonna have a LOT of work to do!
    Sorry ’bout the “wall of text” 🙁

    • Pffffft. Like “Tolstoy” can complain about a “wall of text”…I build BUILDINGS of text, dude. 😛

      I knew there was gonna be trouble that day, but had NO idea…it was CRAZY watching it all unfold. MIND YOU: It’s not over yet by far…if they don’t hold that fuckin’ Inauguration inside where it’s completely safe, it would not surprise me that there’d be even more violence unfolding. I’m waiting for the 20th with not only relieved anticipation, but worried fear as well…they need to protect the incoming President and Vice President or something’ll be happening, I have a worried, scared feeling. 🙁

  2. “Terrorist” works — so does “Stupid Seditious MAGA Asshole!”

    Did they really think they could just try kidnapping the senior members of both Houses of Congress and not suffer any consequences? If I did Black Lives Matter protest on the Capitol steps, I’d drive home because given the Right’s insistence, absent any casualties from protesters (well, one guy, but he later admitted he pulled out a machete and started swinging to scare them them off from damaging a bar he patronizes!), that BLM is a “Terrorist Group”, I’d be sure somebody was planning to pull me off any plane or train and…remind me why exercising my First Amendment Right to protest is no longer considered a legal act!

    OTOH, there are 19 fatalities from acts done to protesters….

  3. @Tolstoy quote,”Pffffft. Like “Tolstoy” can complain about a “wall of text”…I build BUILDINGS of text, dude.”
    LOL! 🙂 BEST QUOTE EVER! Think I might re-purpose that as a Christmas and/or Birthday gift to you (when I get my finances/job situation in order) I can see that on at least a T-shirt (maybe a bumper sticker). Glad I wasn’t drinking my morning coffee when I read that.
    They MIGHT hold the Inauguration inside (would solve some problems but create others too). But it doesn’t matter it looks like they’re bring out the local P.D., S.W.A.T. AND the Military so they’ll be prepared this time. Thankfully “only” four(?) people died (one of which was a police officer trying to do his job). I put only in quotes but one life is one too many (especially for friends and family of the deceased). Now for any rioter’s who died I’m leaning more towards Darwin Award and not real sympathetic (-shrugs-). And ANYONE else notice Trump was no-where’s near the chaos he caused????? Trump,”I’ll march down there with you… I’ll be right beside you…” Yeah my @#$ he will. He was hunkered down safe somewhere, while Congress was barricading the door and putting on gas masks (not a gas mask, gas mask – but emergency oxygen, can’t look it up right now but private pilots can get something similar)

  4. @DrDarke Quote,”Terrorist” works — so does “Stupid Seditious MAGA Asshole!”
    Yeah I’m at LEAST gonna rip that off on my Twitter. You’re not the first to point out it that was a Black Lives Matter protest cops/military would have showed up
    IN FORCE!!!!!
    Agree that B.L.M. has become a terrorist group now. And I actually coughed up some dough for a fundraiser that was gathering money after (another) African-american was choked out by a cop and died from his injuries. “I can’t breathe” is a thing. The cop had a axe to grind and kneeled on the mans neck and stayed on his neck even after he passed out. Racism is alive and well (and part of Trumps fan base). One of the rioters carried a Confederate flag farther into the capital than Confederate & British troops EVER got.
    Not sure HOW Joe Biden/Kamala Harris are going to clean up the mess they inherited. At least there’s a (slim) Democratic majority in Congress. I was never a die hard, strictly one party (Democrat) voter until Donald J. Trump and the Democrats drive to tear down Obamacare. I WANT my Healthcare back (don’t have it – but I want it). -SIGH!-

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