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  1. On a related note: is jute as good as they say?
    I get the impression that it’s the “gold standard.”
    (after Hermès silk scarves, of course)

    • Well, off the top, let’s get one thing clear…that’s not jute that Cali is tied with. 😛 That’s “Tolstoy-substitute-Jute”…translation: cotton clothesline dyed brown. I made the stuff to simulate Jute so that I could tie gals with something different that didn’t itch against the skin as much (or at least, that’s what they tell me). Jute is a bit fibrous and itches a bit when used for binding gals…Dave’s gals would say that all the time when he used it (he loves the stuff)…then you’d have to brush the fibers off of them (at least with the Just we’re using at least…found it at a Hobby Lobby, of all places…)…messy, troublesome shit, in my opinion, which is why you rarely see me use it. Stuff doesn’t even hold knots very well. :/

      REAL Jute is also mega-expensive…and with me liking neat, sexy-looking ties, I’d chop a $300 supply of jute to scraps in a few months…fuck that!

      It’s just the Champagne to the Beer that clothesline is, I get that…but I vastly prefer it!

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