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  1. ROTFL! Everybody’s got to be a critic….

    I’m wondering which dumbass movie with the lame bondage this is – though these days, I think directors go out of their way to make it look like crap because they’re afraid of being caught out as “pervs”. I really miss things like THE AMAZING DOBERMANS, where Barbara Eden was bound and gagged to a chair, and it looked like the early scenes of a bondage shoot. Of course she gets saved by Fred Astaire and his Doberman Pinschers…because it was the Seventies, when a Hoofer older than the Century could be an action star.

    • When I wrote this story, I had the bondage scene from the first “Species” movie in mind. Don’t remember if the kidnapped gal had hands in front or not, but the bandana gag over the mouth was horrendously loose-looking, if I remember right.

      Honestly, I think directors make it lame because they don’t want it looking even slightly erotic. And if you wanna break your heart, Google up the cover of a Taylor Swift cd (can’t remember the name of it even tho it came up in conversation with a friend recently) for some more horrendous bondage…it’s just tragic.

      • Geez, I don’t even remember any bondage in SPECIES! It must have been really unmemorable….

        I wonder if you’re not right – and it really cheeses me. For Gods’ sakes, if you’re going to tie someone up, go for it!

        Speaking of which…do you remember the bondage at the end of BATMAN FOREVER, where Nicole Kidman looks like maybe Schulmacher asked her to hold onto a chain and chew on a bandanna, while Chris O’Donnell is tightly bound and gagged like a BDSM fantasy boy? When I saw that I turned to my friend and whispered, “Well, if there was ever any question if Schulmacher’s gay, this proves it…!”

        • The bondage scene in “Species” was extremely brief and as a bondage fan extremely painful to watch. Natasha Henstridge’s character takes a short-haired blonde captive…here’s an excerpt from the “Species” wiki for more explanation:

          “She pretends to be a rape victim to kidnap a woman in order to assume her identity. Sitting in the car near Carey’s home, she reads Fitch’s lips, as she had done earlier, learning of their plan to stake out the nightclub for her return. There, she is seen by Dan, prompting a car chase. She fakes her death by crashing the car, which she has previously filled with gasoline containers, into a high-voltage transformer, using the kidnapped woman as a stand-in for her own body.”

          The kidnapped gal was tied to both a bed and in the car, if I remember right…with an effortless and I-can-scream-thru-this OTM gag on her. Don’t let me sound like an OTM snob, now…they can look good and when coupled with stuffing, and it’s actually tied with effort, they can work. But here in “Species”? Totally just “for the camera”.

          And yes, if you’re going to tie someone, make it look real! If for no other reason to not insult the damsel’s intelligence…hands in front and a gag so weak you can sneeze it off and you HAVEN’T?! WHY exactly? If your captor is gonna be an idiot and tie you loose enough to get loose…GET LOOSE. Ugh.

          And yah, the “Batman Forever” scene is noted to me…painfully. 😛

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