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Well, Happy Birthday, Tolstoy, you old fart! 😛

Yes, it’s my birthday today (58 years young) AND it’s payday from the vanilla job, AND I’m on my day off. All the planets aligned for this one, yes? 🙂 I’m taking the day off from being creative and putting forth 6 of my all-time favorite pics…you can find this and more at the site.



Sasha Fae
Stacie Snow
Pantera Noelle

She was perfection from top to toe…

Quite an incredible looking woman…it was just a bit of fortune that her husband was loaded.

Took astonishingly little to get her too. She had very solid patterns in her behavior…it was just a matter of time before I had her in my ropes. The weird part began after she woke up.

“ooof.” She said and rolled her eyes a bit. “Hey, kidnapper…what brand of chloroform did you use?”

“Beg pardon?” I replied, genuinely curious.

“Let me see the bottle, please.” Eh, no skin off my nose; I let her see it. “That explains it…thought I told you guys not to use that brand; gives me a headache. I…” It was about then the realization hit her that she was my captive…she started moving a bit in the ropes. “Wow. Are you new? These DEFINITELY aren’t Bob’s ropes. Phil is a little close to this, but the rope between my legs? Exciting. Who ARE you?”

“Lady, you’ve been kidnapped here…”

“Yeah, yeah…drop the act for a second; I wanna talk to you.”

“No act. This is an actual kidnapping.”

“NO SHIT.” she said, her eyes getting big with realization. “Well that explains the better roping; fuck, man.”


“Man…I just thought you were my usual Thursday. Well, you’re gonna be by the time this is over…”

“What’re you ON about, lady?”

“Look, luv…this shit you’ve put me in right here? I LOVE it. I get ‘kidnapped’ twice a month just so I can feel helpless and all. Just a change of pace…and it turns me on SO much. But you…YOU’VE got something special going on.”


“Have you sent a ransom note yet? How much did you ask for me?”

“I…haven’t…put it together yet. Needed you conscious…”

“I get it; you needed me awake to be all ‘Oh, please honey, send the money!’ to my husband for a video or something right? OK, so we’re early into things. Look, babe…how’d you like steady work doing this? Contract, regular salary…all you have to do is ‘kidnap’ me on the schedule I set for you…hold me for ‘ransom’ for…a day or two, depending on how much I like your ropes, then you get a ‘payoff’, which’d just be your check, really, then you let me go. Then we do it all again. It’s good steady work…you do a good job for me and I’ll hook you up with a friend of mine who likes this shit too.”

“Sounds awesome!”

“Behave yourself and maybe I’ll even let you touch me a little bit. Speaking of which, gag me, then take my tits out and let me struggle…it’s been a while since someone tied me this good. We’ll talk more later…MMMMPH!” I took her at her word at that point, gagged her, brought her breasts out of her dress and let her go. She struggled beautifully…this was gonna be a career opportunity I’d never forget!

Stacie Snow for today.


She was a joy to watch.

Tied and gagged her on my couch’s pull out bed and just watched the struggle…and she was going at it hard. Couple of times I thought she might break loose…she lost her sexy heels at one point.

Finally decided to make things interesting for her and added another rope and made it a hogtie. She “MMMMPH”ed in protest, but fuck that…I honestly waned to see if she had it in her to get free, but nope, the ropes held her tight. Just watching her sexy butt move up and down was mesmerizing…she had the form, all right.

Even her feet were cute.

Couple of times she looked me in the eyes to plead her way out…oh, no, honey…I’m enjoying watching your Daisy Dukes clad ass move…


“Ah, fuck.” Hearing the timer go off, I moved over to her and removed the gag. “Time’s up. Is there anything you’d like me to cut you out of first, something a little more sore than the rest?”

“No…that really was 2 hours?”


“Dammit.” She gave a little defeated shrug. “Are you OK with me paying you for another hour AFTER it’s over?”

I chuckled a little. “Your money’s good with me,” I said to her, put the gag back into her mouth and set my timer for another hour and a half. Yeah, she only asked for an hour, but I’m giving her the half-hour as a gift. I can afford it to give a gal who loves being tied a little something nice. Besides, I get the gift of watching her struggle and mmmpf into the gag…

Lola Lynn for today.


Ah, me.

Saw a gal moving into a place, and my mouth just kept watering. Not only was she a total hottie, but the stuff that was getting moved in…sweet lookin’ OLED TV, I saw at least two boxes marked “computer stuff”, that has to mean towers and gear…and clothes after clothes after clothes! Need money to get all that shit.

Watched her house just to get her rhythms…and found the ideal time to strike. Caught her just as she was getting home, all fancy-dressed from work, no doubt, and clamped my hand over her mouth…she pulled her mouth free from my grasp, tho.

“Wow…still up for some play? I thought you said we were done? Ball gag and rope is in the kitchen cabi…MMMMMPH!”

Could’ve spoke to her here, I guess…but she was relatively panickless…which made for some easy tying and gagging…’bout time I give myself a break on the job. Besides…if she thought me a player, might as well play…I gave her boobs some gentle to not-so-gentle squeezing, which wound up with her resting her head on my shoulder and just going with it, practically purring at my touch.

Dragged her to the kitchen and got her stuff, then dragged her to the living room and gagged her with her own ball gag. The tying was quick but effective…she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Pawed at her boobs for about five more minutes, but then decided it was time to get to business.

Soon as I walked around to where she could see me, she knew she was in trouble…I guess my build is different from her ex. She saw me and started grunting through the gag… “Sorry I’m not your boy,” I said and chuckled. “But I hope I’ve provided you with an enjoyable bondage to watch me steal your stuff from.” I gave her a light kiss on the tip of the nose and started to loot…whoa, computer looks like it has a 4090 in it! This is gonna be a haul to remember…

Hannah Perez for today.


Another day, another kidnap.

Tho, this one would wind up changing me…didn’t realize it at the time of course, but the wheels of Destiny are always a’turnin’…

I’m getting ahead of myself. I picked Kendra James out of some society magazine. There was a gala she was hosting and the magazine talked about her lavish lifestyle and wealthy family…sign me up. All the right signs…but on top of the money, she was drop dead gorgeous; gonna have to behave myself this time out.

The snatch in and of itself was tragically easy…sometimes, the rich tend to think themselves untouchable, which makes life easy for me. Found her in a black dress, opera gloves and heels…it was a simple matter to wait until she was alone, hit her with a chloroform rag and dragged her to my waiting van.

I had to know. Just HAD to…and the dress went south. AMAZING tits…and her legs seemed to go on forEVER. Tied her up and shoved a ball gag in her mouth, then got behind the wheel and spirited her away to the hideout.

She slept for the longest time…had her on the bed where I was taking a few preliminary pictures of her…for the ransom, of course. Yeah…like people get Playboy for the articles…I was trying and failing to kid myself; I was losing my objectivity and almost falling for this chick…

Then, the strangest thing happened. She woke up, started to panic a bit (waking up to being bound and gagged can do that to a person), then her body just started to…spasm. After, she just threw her head back, closed her eyes and just about screamed through the gag…then went silent. OMG. she climaxed.

Took the gag off of her… “What, what’s happening?” she asked while trying to catch her breath.

“You’ve been kidnapped. For ransom. If you behave, nothing will happen to you…”

“Nothing will happen to me? Baby, it already HAS happened…that was the BEST orgasm I’ve ever had in my life!” She then started looking around with this almost glazed-over look in her eyes. “Holy SHIT that was amazing! Wait…did you say KIDNAPPED?”


“You’re looking for money, then?”


“Fuck…I don’t know why you goofballs kidnapping women to get money from the husbands don’t just ask the wives for it. *I* control the money in our marriage…I’D have to be the one to arrange a ransom payment. That silly foozball of a husband of mine is useful for his contacts, but I’d never trust his deluded ass with our finances.” She rolled her eyes around in thought… “Alright, look. This…what do you call this?”

“Um…kidnapping for ransom? Or do you mean how I have you? The ‘bondage’ I have you in?”

“Yes…that’s it, ‘bondage’. Phew…I like this more than I thought I could like anything. How about this. As a show of good faith, I’ll give you the pin number to my credit card…my bank allows me a $5,000 max withdraw.”

“But, I’d be on the machine’s cameras taking the withdraw…”

“oooh, good point. All right…free me…for now ONLY, for God’s sake; I have to have more of this. You take me to a teller machine, I’ll get and give you the five grand as a down payment…”

“Down payment for what?”

“The partnership you and I are about to enter into. I know things about my…friends, for lack of a better word. Stuck up society bitches with more money than sense. You take the job I’m offering you, and we make a KILLING kidnapping our way through society’s fanciest. I know security passwords, hidden bank accounts…”

“50-50 split?”

“I’m the fair type…and you’re doing the work and taking all the risk. I’m willing to go 60-40, in your favor. All I ask is I get kept out of it…and you give me access to the bitches after you have them bound and gagged…and blindfolded, of course, so I remain anonymous. I’m owed some payback. AND…you need to tie ME occasionally; just for fun, of course.”

“Of course.”

“Unless we get to know each other better… Look, for now, put that gag back and give me about an hour to roll around on the bed and enjoy this. Then we start our new path…”

Kendra James for today.


The hubris of the woman!

Kidnapped her the night before. Tied her up, spirited her to my hideout with some “only for transporting her” bondage, kinda on the light. Decided to make the ransom video right away and get it delivered…she was very co-operative and gave me some of the best, “Please pay the ransom!” views I’ve ever recorded. I told her to stay put…

…but when I got back, I found her sitting in the chair I’d put her in, but fully untied and playing with the rope I’d tied her with!

“Hello there, kidnapper!” she said to me as I entered the room, almost jovially.


“That was only ‘for fun’ bondage, right? I mean…I haven’t been kidnapped by a bondage noob, I hope?”

“I know how…”

“Well, I hope that wasn’t your ‘A-tier’ tie or I’m gonna be bored as fuck until Daddy pays you off.” With that, she threw my rope back at me. “C’mon, man…tie my ass up like you MEAN it!”

I think I did a pretty good job…

CJ Molina for today.


Wow…I finally got a bite!

When I interview a new secretary, I ask that she be bound for me so I can judge her ability to escape. I mean…I have a ton of proprietary secrets to be scared of…any asshole with some rope and a threatening look can kidnap her and do god-knows-what to her to get them.

This new gal, Pantera Noelle, was eager…I mean, I know jobs’re hard to come by, but it’s not every day a prospective employer asks to be able to tie and gag you to see how adept you are at getting away. Heck, I’ve already had to explain my actions to HR twice already…

Reminds me…my date with her is tomorrow…have to keep relations fresh, amiright?

But, Pantera…she took to the bondage wonderfully…stayed nice and tied. Loved it too…I think I’ve found a new secretary/Gal Friday!

Pantera Noelle for today.



Caught the homeowner just as she was getting home from work, I guess…she was wearing the SEXIEST clingy red skirt and high heels. What was her top, you ask? I dunno…soon as she saw me and realized I was a burglar, she dropped her top and practically ordered me to tie her up!

Well, I obliged, of course! It was just odd, and she pointed me straight to her own personal rope supply!

The weirdness some people have…

Sasha Fae for today.


I think we’ve taken this too far.

I mean…college high jinks are one thing. Grabbing the other team’s mascot is all fun, fine and good…but we’ve kidnapped their HEAD CHEERLEADER, for pity’s sake! And here I sit…doing “guard duty” while she sits struggling against ropes and a gag…this is crazy!

The weird part is I’m liking what I see. I mean, I’ve always liked the look of a bound and gagged woman in a movie; just never realized it was sexual…but it is, and the rapidly-growing bulge in my pants is telling me so.

Wait…did she just wink at me?! I think she noticed me noticing her…could this be a turn-on for her too? I’ll have to ungag her to find out…this is gonna be an INTERESTING evening!

Stacie Snow for today.


Real-Life Interlude…we interrupt this “storytime”….blah, blah, stories return tomorrow. 🙂

Just wanna talk at all of you for a sec…specifically you Twitter followers. There’s been a bit of a shift between WordPress, the owners of the site this blog gets published on, and daddy Elon’s wonderful social media site Twitter, and yes, this shift affects us…somewhat.

Found this out the hard way. I post these blogs a day early (Monday’s post gets written Sunday morning, etc)…had a friend tell me that 2 days of posts hadn’t yet hit Twitter. This happens from time to time, so I didn’t think too much about it…just started messing with behind-the-scenes stuff (plugins to the blog) only to go on “Jetpack”, this blog’s main plugin for WordPress and found the full story of why my posts weren’t auto-posting to Twitter. I’ll save you the gobbedly-gook and cut right to the meat of the issue…for WordPress to auto-publish blog posts to Twitter, it costs them money. Daddy Elon wanted more money for this service, WordPress said “nope”, so Twitter will no longer be able to auto-publish entries.

How does this change things for you if you’re only following this blog via Twitter? Very mildly, and it depends on how soon you want your latest posts. I usually set the blog to publish a new post at 5am, Tucson, AZ time. It used to be that Twitter would get the auto-post then…now, I have to manually let Twitter know that I’ve published a new entry…I’ve been doing that by making a tweet saying “Blog Post: (link)”…that happens when I wake up in the morning and write an auto-post for the next day…usually around 10am Tucson time. So, about 5 hours give-or-take, depending on when I rise for the day.

Yet another way that Elon is shooting Twitter in the foot, I guess. :/

Drea Morgan for today.