Sneak Peeks

Preview shots from current shoots.

Just to start out…Iron Man 3 was good…to a point.  What I didn’t like would be a MASSIVE spoiler, so I’ll keep my mouth shout and my fingers from typing…lol.  😉  It’s still a GREAT movie; high recommend!  🙂

Now…to business.  In this Kimberly Marvel set, you might notice the non-bondage pics do feature Kim…but don’t show below her ankles.  That’s because dummy me forgot to TAKE non-bondage shots and rigged up her ankles right away at the start of this set!  🙂  SHE remembered at least…and just suggested I shoot so that the bondage on her ankles didn’t show; it’s one of those classical comedy moments that happens at shoots sometimes.  🙂

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Kimberly Marvel

Dez had been kidnapped for ransom.  Bound stringently and gagged, her captor told her to just sit it out and wait for her family to just pay the rensom so she could be freed unharmed.  Evcer the fighter, she began struggling and crying out from under the tape that sealed her lips shut…forcing the kidnappers to take extreme measures.  The vibrator was tied into the crotch rope to keep her still…it did it’s job.

This set and TONS more of my work with Dez is available from for download.  We shot this and bunches of other scenes and many videos…check them out and sign up to the site to see them all!




Stacie’s and my first attempt at a “lotus tie”…kinda nice and brings back memories.  🙂  One thing I try to remember to this day because of this set is that if the model brings some wardrobe for the shoot, make sure her suitcase is off camera; this was a touch clumsy of me…lol.  Put it to she just got home from a trip and a guy was robbing her as she came in or some such thing, I guess.  😉  This set and TONS more of the work Stacie and I do are available for purchase at…wander over for a looksee!  🙂



Stacie Snow Lotus Tied Stringently

This is a treat.  🙂  When Stacie and I first started working, Dave Annis suggested that he do some “behind the scenes” pics of me working with Stacie…basically me tying her up.  🙂  Different camera, different approach when I did that…I was using the camera’s screen to compose the pic.  Anyway…here’s a pic of me and Stacie working…you can find this set and TONS more by clicking this link and then you can become a part of the fun by clicking this link and joining up at TucsonTied! is a special bonus you get when you sign up at TucsonTied…get a sub to SSB when you sign up for TucsonTied FREE!



Stacie Snow