6 comments on “CJ Molina

  1. Wild! Reading “Foley is Good” by (then) WWF wrestler Mick Foley and there’s a section where he talks about his love for Britney. Not sure if Britney is a Bondage fan or if that’s just marketing (some of the belt covered outfits she wears/wore look bondage inspired at least). Wouldn’t mind seeing Britney tied up!
    C.J. Molina looks great – love the couch tie with the crotchless panythose(?) and the crotchrope! Very nice.

  2. You know Brittany did have a “playroom ” in her house before she had her kids didn’t ya Tony ????

  3. Weren’t she and Lindsay Lohan lesbian lovers for, like, two weeks or so about a decade or so back?

    Wonder if that wasn’t part of the attraction for Lohan — having a Domme?

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