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  1. Always had a soft spot for “Secretaries/Lady Bosses in Bondage”.

    There were a few women I was temping for at a Major Financial Institution a few decades back – this apparent nod to Feminism was not remotely that as their Division was called “Senior Special Marketing”, and was charged with planning Executive Retreats (basically, a bunch of High-Ranking Suits flying to a ritzy golf resort or Ski Lodge & claim to discuss “business” while golfing or skiing or getting hammered) and/or Vacations to Places Rich Folk Went To. That meant they had to wear pencil skirts or mini-ish skirts, stockings or pantyhose, and high-heels to work every day, while I could just show up in a button-down shirt and chinos, provided I had a necktie in my desk I could put on if one of those Senior Suits deigned to walk into our department! (Of course, I didn’t get to GO on any of those events – but given what I heard from the women I was working for, the job is largely being a 24/7 gopher and companion.)

    I was on the horns of a dilemma while temping there: On the one hand, I thought it was awful that these highly-qualified women (all three of then had College Degrees in Marketing, Publicity, or Journalism) were stuck satisfying the desires of High Muckymucks day in and day out. On the other… I had a hard time NOT fantasizing about one, two or all three of them bound and gagged in their lingerie…

    Especially the Journalism Bachelor’s working on her Master’s, who was leggy, seemed to like me a lot, and made no bones about having been born and raised in The Bronx so she worked overtime to smooth out her accent. She always gave off the vibe of having been a partier when she was younger, and would probably enjoy bondage if it was presented to her in the right way.

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