2 comments on “CJ Molina

  1. Do soap operas still kidnap and tie female characters up? I thought that went out with retconning Luke and Laura so it wasn’t…REALLY rape? (Or so the writing alleged.)

    It’s a pity no television series, not even on Skinemax, would show a movie or show with a woman bound and gagged exposing her breasts and stockings.

    • Y’know, I haven’t watched an honest-to-goodness soap opera in forever, but I’d like to THINK they still do…and if I’m not mistaken, if you watch the Spanish stations, I’ve heard they do. Telemundo and such. I’ve got a couple of Twitter buds that tweet pics of captures from TV, and it seems like they still do…however, if all else fails, there’s still Lifetime. 😛

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