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  1. Always love to see Coby in pantyhose bound&gagged!

    Me, I’m still fighting the Not-Coronavirus Flu that has me sleeping odd hours, snuffling, coughing, and generally cursing life as we know it….

  2. God bless Australia (I had thought Colbie had retired as her website hadn’t been updated in a while was thrilled to see her in Tony’s ropes)! @DR Darke Yeah I’m feeling under the weather myself (but for me it’s probably just psychosomatic-hypochondria). Take plenty of hot tea with honey, and whatever Vitamin C (with Zinc if ya can get it) and (this is starting to become a mantra),”wash your hands often”! Get well soon, stay safe everyone. @Tolstoy Know you’re busy, sent ya some PM’s. Understand Arizona is starting shelter-in-place/quarantine procedures….

      • Safer to stay at home/shelter in place. “Cashed out” some beer/soda bottles and cans this morning bright and early (got six bucks for my trouble). It was disheartening to see senior citizens trying to get by. I’m running out of disinfectant wipes (washed my hands immediatily upon returning home). A Long Island politician was quoted as saying COV19 won’t crest until April 15th and be on the back end of the curve May 15th. Hope that’s true I need my paycheck back

        • Conveinent numbers that politician posted…so if the thing is done on TAX DAY (April 15th), I guess we’re all gonna have no excuses for filing on time. :/ Will they get us our refunds any faster? Of course not!

          Honestly, I could give a rat’s crap about politician’s dates for when we can stop worrying…they’re all just trying to look good for their voters. It’s the DOCTORS we need to be listening to about when this crisis is past. :/

  3. Your right we definitely should be listening to the doctors advice – feel bad for Trumps doctor spokesman Dr. Fauci see https://www.mediaite.com/news/dr-fauci-vents-on-trumps-false-coronavirus-statements-i-cant-jump-in-front-of-the-microphone-and-push-him-down/
    I THINK they’ve postponed filing AND paying for taxes (but if ya owe you still gotta pay, I’m due a refund from the Feds, but I owe NY state).
    It’s just a question of WHICH doctors to listen to and what source to use. Six a’clock news isn’t always real useful (ditto morning news). Internet is great but sometimes it’s hard to verify the validity of the source, and there’s only so much of this stuff ya can listen to before it starts effecting your mind set/mental health. There’s a BIG push towards masks (too bad there are none to be had). First responders/medical personal need them first. And as far as D.I.Y. masks aren’t you touching your face more adjusting the mask? Running out of disinfectant wipes BIG time. Luckily I have plenty of soap (both liquid and bar soap) and three jugs of bleach left.

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