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  1. Sorry your “weekend” is coming to end there Tony. Grrrreat Colbie samples! Eternally grateful that you were able to get Colbie to model for TucsonTIed – thought she had retired as she hadn’t updated her website in a w-h-i-l-e and I thought she was living off her back catalog. Happy to be proven wrong. As of this writing Cobie MPEGS are available for purchase at TucsonTIed’s http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/30889/tucsontied/
    Hope I didn’t “ef” up the hyperlink. Don’t know how you stay so modest Tony! If I had photos/MPEG’s HALF as good as this I would never shut up about it! But then again I’m no Tolstoy! 😉

    • @#$%!!! Hyperlink didn’t come thru correctly the TucsonTIed http://www.clips4sale.com link I provided just brings you to the main clips4sale Tucson page – Colbies in there SOMEWHERE (HONEST!) having trouble providing a direct link. Found it yesterday, can’t recreate it this Saturday morning will try again later (after more sleep, breakfast and coffee).

  2. Great to see Cobie in pantyhose & bondage again!

    Totally off-topic, Tony – but how’s your new 4K UHD television? Can you see the difference between it & 1080p HD yet? Does yours have HDR?

    Oh – and are you planning to get a 4K camera and try shooting some video w/it…?

    • The TV is amazing…just haven’t gotten any 4k Blu-rays or a machine that can play them yet. I just barely upped my Blu-ray player to one that has online capability without an external modem (yes, I said that…lol), so I wanna feel I’ve gotten my moneys worth out of my new one first. Not sure how much difference there is between Blu-ray and 4K anyway…is it worth it to upgrade?

      For bondage? Not sure 4K is a good idea as the rest of my stuff is a mix of SD and HD…and besides, I don’t know if my vid program can process 4K ok. Research is needed… 🙂

  3. Quote Tolstoy,”Not sure 4K is a good idea as the rest of my stuff is a mix of SD and HD…Research is needed…” Can’t help ya with any of that still using a CRT TV with a Combo DVD/VCR player (yeah I said THAT)!! Hope you enjoy your new TV I’m just gonna drop this here
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glFVXpz_abQ Franks 2000″ T.V. “Weird Al” Yankovic

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