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  1. Least you get two day’s off in a row – back to back Tony. It sucks when there’s something going on Sat/Sun that you want to do… But it comes in handy when ya want to get stuff done – grocery shopping, getting the car’s oil changed (need to do that soon myself)….
    Or scheduling another photo session with Dez (yeah I know you usually do BondCon at Vegas). 😉 Dez looks great here (don’t think I’ve seen her take a bad photo)! And like yesterday’s Isobel Wren’s samples more great ropework and a really well done (and looks good and SNUG) upper body/breasts rope harness. I like that on a “damsel in distress”. And I believe Drea Morgan & Gracie Ryder were roped into some beast harnesses as well…..
    Like the final “artistic” sample where a chairtied Dez gaze’s at a B&W photo of a damsel in distress (nice touch).
    Hope you enjoy your time off Tony. I’m gonna have a LOT of time on my hands when my job lay’s me off sometime between May 10th & June 10 (can’t even give me a straight answer as to when I’ unemployed)! Severence didn’t impress me either, did much better the last time/job that did this fifteen years ago!!!

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