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  1. Thanks for the question!!!

    Let’s see…A lot of people in the business use what we laughingly call “The Dom Depot” (HOME Depot, obviously)…and that’s where I still go for my various types of duct tape. Microfoam tape…a medical supply site’ll handle that for ya; try Google for that one, I don’t have my usual link handy.

    For rope and bandanas, I usually wind up at Wal-Mart, believe it or not (with the exception of JUTE rope…”Hobby Lobby” takes good care of me in the jute department)…I get my cotton clothesline and bandanas there. Rope I can usually find at $3.50 for 100 feet…bandanas usually go for a buck a piece. 🙂

    GREAT question…thanks for it! 🙂

  2. Hi Tony,
    How might one go about getting considered to model on your site? I am new to the adult industry but very interested in your endeavors.

    • Well, hey there…thanks for the interest, Pandora! I need to see you, of course, so message me back with links to your modeling work or FetLife or ModelMayhem profiles or any publicly accessed pics posted. I’ll message you after that. 🙂

  3. Hi Tony !
    Love your work!

    I am living in Tucson and really would like to learn shibari. Do you teach ? Where do I begin!? I have a few women who want me to tie them..
    Thank you!


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