3 comments on “FetCon Day #2: “Second verse…same as the first!”

    • That is her eventual plan. She wants to make an entire US tour, and have it culminate with going to FetCon ’23. 🙂 Just to clarify: I have two separate looks for her because I did 2 shoots. 🙂 One for a custom client (gloves, choker, black stockings, heels) and one for myself (little black dress and heels, red nightgown and barefoot). I wasn’t about to let her slip through my fingers without being able to generate a more than decent amount of content…lol. I’m hopeful she’ll put AZ on her tour list so I can get a 4-6 hour shoot with her.

      She was the surprise of the con…if you look at her C4S, it’s very light and playful bondage (VERY good stuff too!) but this gal can take TIGHT ropework like a champion…her elbows even go together naturally. 🙂

      I’m back in AZ, by the way. Stoopid Southwest gave me a 5 hour layover in Houston, but I’m back home now. 🙂

      • Welcome back, and really sorry your flight home was such a nightmare!

        Good to hear about L’il Missy – maybe by the time she does her tour I’ll be able to make it to FetCon and work with her. Right now I’m got too much work and too little pay for it – though that’s starting to turn around, finally….

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