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  1. Tripod and timer (remote?) or do you have an assistant? Just wondering because you’ve mentioned that you assist Dave occasionally. I imagine it’s much easier when one guy does rigging and stills and the other does video (2nd unit, if you will lol).

    One day you should talk about your equipment: cameras, lenses, lights, software etc.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested in the technical side of fetish photography…

    You mentioned working with 6 models on twitter. Really interested to see who #6 is…
    I have an idea but I’ll leave the reveal to you this time!

    • Had an assistant who’ll remain nameless (and nope, wasn’t Dave…he stayed in Tucson).

      Really need to clear up that “6” thing…lol. I did indeed do 6 shoots, but with 5 models; I shot with Ashley Lane twice. 😛

      One day I will talk about the equipment, but you can whet your whistle for that with this link to C-Net talking about my camera…


      And no, I didn’t get it for that $1100 list price that Amazon has…when I bought it, it must’ve been fairly new as it was listing for $550 at Best Buy and I got it on special for $377 on Labor Day. I get the feeling that Amazon price is because it’s rare or some such thing. :/

      Models? Let’s see…Riley, Ashley Lane (twice), Misty Lovelace, Terra Mizu and a last minute addition of local gal Anastasia Rose.

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