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  1. Geez, it sounds like one Mell of a Hess, Tony! I’m sorry both Ziva and Willow got sick – thanks to COVID we should be used to it by now, but…. ‍♂️

    Makes me think maybe somebody should do a “last minute job board” for the Con where models whose photographers drop out and photographers whose models drop out at the last minute can leave a message they’re available. Twitter doesn’t work for those of us not on Twitter, but something like a Discord page for the Con or even just a simple discussion web on the FetishCon site might work? (Because they don’t enough to do already!)

    Glad you got to work with L’il Missy, Anastasia Rose and Blair! Is Blair STILL breaking into your room hoping you’ll tie her up…?

  2. PS: Yes, I do imagine Blair doing a “Reverse Annis” and breaking into bondage photographer’s rooms and studios hoping to get caught!

    I can just imagine the cartoon with Annis coiling up his rope as she lies here bound, gagged…happy, telling her she REALLY needs a boyfriend into b&d!

  3. Sucks, man.
    Your number just came up. I’m sure next year will be all smooth sailing.
    The shoots that did happen were amazing though, particularly Lil’ Missy’s… A star is born!

    Just wondering: which 5 models would be on your “most wanted” list for next year?

    • Yeah, you’re right…I’ve gone YEARS to FetCon without a single cancel, so it was bound to bite me in the butt sooner or later. Thanks for helping me remember that. πŸ™‚

      “Most Wanted List”, huh? Let’s keep this “current generation” of models…and have the understanding that if Jasmine Sinclair were to decide to head down with Lil’ Missy (and that’s not to say they know each other or anything…just acknowledging that they’re both UK models), she’d be on this list (tho it’s not likely that’s gonna happen), and my five would be (and be prepared to look up a few on Twitter with the names I provide)…

      Lil’ Missy UK (@lilmissy_uk) (yes, a repeat, but there’s so much more I’d like to shoot with her)
      Kat VanWylder (@TheKatVanWylder)
      Lil Mizz Unique (@lilmizzunique)
      Calisa Bliss (@CalBPromo)
      Bella Lux (@MissBellaluxx)

      But, since I’m OK with doing two shoots a day and there’s three shooting days in total, that would be a “Top 6” then, so here’s a bonus gal…

      Ophelia Kahn (@OpheliaKaan10)

      That would be a DREAM and perfect FetCon 2023. πŸ™‚ I may have to keep this around; this is a great list! I reserve the right to tweak it as days go by…Madalynn Raye (@MadalynnRaye) has been saying she might be interested in going next year, so there might have to be a threefer day…

  4. Nice picks, man!
    Ophelia Kahn looked really good, pity her dance card was full… πŸ™
    I know Hannah Claydon is also on your bucket list. I saw you asked her about her fetish modelling status – did she ever get back to you?
    I still see sets of her on Bondage Bob, looking stunning as always. Hopefully they’re recent and she’ll cross the pond one day….

    Would love to see Cobie work with you again, she’s a doll!

    • Hannah never responded…which I’m taking to be, “I’m retired from bondage.” until she says otherwise. πŸ™‚

      Cobie comes to the US again, she’s a definite for my dance card! πŸ™‚

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