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  1. Totally arb question here, but what the hell: what is a safe “universal” size to buy model clothing in?

    Genuinely interested…

    • It’s funny you ask this as it came up at my shoot with Tracy. I had the two new pairs of shoes I wanted to have models wear for me, and Tracy asked what size for them I chose…I told her “8” and she said that was a pretty safe size to use for shoes. Time has showed me that as well…but you need to be prepared to be flexible; one gal I regularly work with sizes out at a 9 1/2 to 10…and Dez was size FIVE. Incredibly petite feet. 😛 Blouses, dresses and skirts, I usually go with “Small” and work from there…tho usually when I know who I’m working with and if I have a special peccadillo (look) I wanna fill for a shoot, I just go to their modeling pages and check the sizes listed there.

      But if you’re talking building a wardrobe for models with a limited budget and you wanna focus on a good average: 8 for shoes and “Small” for clothes.

      But with pantyhose, I usually stock both size “A” and “B” in the color and brands I want…it’s worth it. 🙂

      • Aah, okay.
        I thought maybe the secret lay in stretchy fabric like lycra…
        When it comes to women’s clothing, I really have no idea!
        I just know that (most) women would like to fit into size zero because it’s the supermodel ideal or something…

        Oh btw, congrats on your fetcon shoots. Looks like you got some really great shots there, particularly in the Anastasia shoot. You gotta work with her again, man: her eyes are amazing!
        Kinda cool that she was a fortuitous last-minute booking too…
        Kismet, huh?

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