5 comments on “Friday…Sasha Fae

  1. Lovely pics of Sasha Fae in thigh-highs and garterbelt, not normally my top favorite but she wears them well while bound and in distress!

    Is that a chicken-wing elbow tie you did on her? Looks intense.

    How did the memory hunt go? And if your PC doesn’t yet have it, getting a SSD over a spinning hard drive, at least for your C: drive, will speed things up incredibly.

    • I forgot to mention this when I responded about the computer stuff…this isn’t a “chicken-wing” tie, she was just positioning her arms into it. The last pic shows the tie to it’s best…the other pics, she just moved her hands up to touch her butt and her elbows bent into what looked like chicken-wingness. 🙂

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