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  1. (On the 2nd day of my “weekend” gotta be back at work tomorrow – have a crazy schedule) Glad your PS2 games ported over the new system easily enough at least. Sorry the original Playstation games are proving more troublesome. Just retweeted a review about a PS1 emulator (for the PC) that “scales up” the graphics(?) – haven’t tried it and too lazy to look up my tweet so I can’t recommend/discredit it at all
    Gracie Ryder is(was?) such a cute little number – love the topless breast harness tie, and her expressions over the bandanna(?) cleave gag. Love the “snug” crotchrope and tightly tied legs too. Great stuff 🙂 Downloadable Gracie Ryder WMV for 63 cents! @ https://estore.surfnetcorp.com/store/UnlimitedBondage/products.cfm?fullid=451AF760-0107-1436-79E1C7F5CF8D259E&id=0

  2. Hope you didn’t pay TOO much for your Playstation 3 (and kept your receipt) Tony! See https://www.makeuseof.com/why-stop-looking-for-playstation-5-until-end-2021/ haven’t taken the time to read this – but I’ve seen posts about how it’s a bad time to buy a new computer as COVID19 has fouled up the supply line real bad. But I GOTTA buy a new laptop before the one I’m using dies completely! What’s a guy to do? Glad most of your games are porting over easily enough (you DID keep one legacy system around didn’t you)? 😉 Best wishes. Think I sent ya an email ’bout this too….

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