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  1. RE:”I can now get in touch with Gracie Ryder when I need to; if anyone wants a custom, holler back” That’s GREAT news!!!! 🙂 I’m surprised you’re not “shouting” that from your Twitter page (and from your roof top, car,etc. etc. etc.)! 😛 🙂 And for those who don’t know, more information on TucsonTied customs can be found at http://tucsontiedblog.com/?page_id=360
    We should all be so fortunate to be able to get in touch with a lovely young damsel such as Gracie! Yeah, I’m a dirty middle-aged man, but it’s all in jest. No offense meant to the lovely Gracie Ryder or any of your other models past or present.
    If you had a 1-800 number for TucsonTied custom’s I’ll bet it would be ringing off the hook!

    • Oh, that number WOULD be ringing off the hook…for customs with Sasha Fae! 😛 Kidding…but just about the only requests I get these days are for her…and one odd one for a model that’s exclusive to another company. :/

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