3 comments on “Hannah Perez

  1. Well CenturyLink is changing names or splitting off or something like that so it’s been a little sketchy here in Indiana. Also love the recent stories Tony thanks 🙂

  2. Answer your question first?

    No, my Internet’s been kind of meh, and an online friend of mine’s has been blah to horrendous – she’s taken to IM’ing me from her phone because it’s not as bad as her home Internet is!

  3. F. Scott Fitzgerald once told Ernest Hemmingway “The rich are different that you or me”, to which Hemmingway shot back “Yes, they have more money!” This story reminded me of that quote for some reason….

    I don’t remember this photspread with Hannah, though you’ve posted it before because I already have a few of the pictures. I always think of these as your “FetishCon Series” because of the black pantyhose, choker and opera gloves.

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