One comment on “Holy HELL, Stryder…THANKS! (text only)

  1. Glad you liked the comics Tony! Just remember the card is tagging along sometime during the week (nothing special, just a birthday card). Pleased that you enjoyed Chaos Comics Chastity (think Chaos comics is caput now). Always liked Evil Ernie myself, thought it was well drawn. Thought you’d like the X-Men/Star Trek crossover. Somewhere (not in the comic I sent you) there’s a panel where the X-Men talk about the resemblance of Charles Xavior and Captain Picard (seen a scan of that online somewhere). You got the classic Trek/X-Men crossover. Just saw the latest X-Men movie over the weekend. It’s pretty good (superhero battles all over the place). But Captain America: Winter Soldier is still my favorite right now.
    Can’t believe you dedicated a blog post to this, a very Happy Birthday to ya Tony!

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