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  1. Isobel Wren always reminds me faintly of Amy Adams – which, if they ever decide to do the sequel to JULIE & JULIA, CHOPPED (in which the “Julie” of the first book gets into a BDSM relationship with a Dom chef, I think?), might just come in handy….

  2. @DrDarke You @#$%!!!! 😉 I actually thought you were serious about the “Julie & Julia, Chopped” sequel and was Googling around trying to find it! Didn’t realize you “forgot” to put your filter on (in my defense it’s 4:50 AM E.S.T. as I type this and I’m waaay short on sleep)!
    Amy Adams IS an attractive actress – but Isobel Wren is even better looking (in my opinion) here’s a 5 min TucsonTied MPEG of Isobel tied, topless and cleave gagged>/b> see https://estore.surfnetcorp.com/store/UnlimitedBondage/products.cfm?fullid=46E10E67-976C-BDE5-B93305B7157604BC&id=0
    Good one
    DrDarke (-sigh-) I’m going back to bed…

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