6 comments on “Isobel Wren

  1. One of your best ever. Isobel is gorgeous. I really prefer this type of gag to cleave gags.

  2. And a Happy American Independence Day back at you, Tony!

    No worries about celebrating safely – I don’t drink, I’ve done all the driving I need to today, and fireworks are something I got out of a while back….

    • And ya know what *I* see? That spot on the top of the shoe where the finish is wearing off (which all of you now can’t unsee…lol)…D’OH! 😛 Have to fix that before the next Con if I haven’t already. 😛

        • Well, if it wasn’t consistent across all 4 pics, I’d be inclined to agree…the 4th one even shows it at a different angle. It’s just my OCD popping up again, and on top of that, something I think ALL artists do; be overly critical of their own works. People look at our work and say “Perfection!”, while we ourselves go over it and nitpick…I’m worse than average ‘cuz I’m coded for that! 😛 It’s not a worry, really…a Sharpie will color that in right quick, and if that doesn’t work, those shoes prolly set me back $20 total…easy to replace. 🙂

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