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  1. Yikes, I started to fill in a story for you, Tolstoy – then my browser ate it during the every-other-day BSOD I was gifted with ever since my PC came back from the shop! (First time I complained they said, “Hey, we fixed the problem you asked us to – you want this looked at? Have to bring it in for another $100 estimate!” I clearly need to find another PC repair shop, or a new PC….)

    Here’s kind of how it went:

    When Isobel’s boss send her off to HackerCon, she was prepared for the hotel wi-fi being compromised, her company’s VPN hacked, and any pictures and documents she had on her laptop posted on the floor-to-ceiling “PWN’D!” corkboard. What she didn’t expect was the young guy in the black balaclava and matching “DATE A HACKER – WE BREAK SECURITY, NOT HEART” t-shirt to cover her mouth and pin her arms to her sides in her own hotel room, whispering in her ear, “Where is it?” in her ear. She also didn’t expect the shiver of excitement that went along with it!

    She tried to turn to look at him quizzically, but he took that opportunity to slide a rope over her wrists and bind them tightly behind her, then bind her elbows just as tightly. She gasped, as much in shock at how…thrilled it made her feel as in fear, when he pinched her nostrils shut and pressed a red ballgag against her lips so when she opened her mouth to breathe, he forced it between her lips and teeth and tightened the buckle behind her head. “The McGuffin Device – where did you put it?” he whispered, turning her now-helpless body to face him.

    Genuinely confused (“McGuffin Device”? What was that?), she shook her head, but all he did was pull her skirt down and take it off. She surprised both of them by moaning as his fingers brushed down the length of her black pantyhose-clad legs, then by her pressing into him as he picked her up (who knew some nerdy hacker could be so STRONG?) to set in on the floor and bind her legs together – crossed at the ankle so she couldn’t stand, then at the knees. “Where did you put it?” he hissed and, taking out a pair of scissors, started to cut off her top, exposing her bare breasts!

    *I should be terrified – why am I so turned-on instead?*, she thought, as her eyelids drooped and she felt a sensation like falling, only pleasurable instead of frightening. When the young man tied a rope around her waist and slid the ends between her legs, pressing against her crotch, she felt herself get damp as she whimpered with desire….

    The man behind the balaclava smiled as Isobel visibly dropped into subspace. He wondered how far he could take it before letting her know he was actually her boss, who’d accidentally(?) found the girl’s bondage fanfiction on the corporate server. Since he’d entertained fantasies of her bound, gagged and stripped to those black pantyhose and heels she always wore to work, he’d concocted this little game to find out if she wanted bondage in reality as much as she did in fantasy. So far, it appeared that’s exactly what she was into.

    As he buckled the black velvet choker around her neck, she looked into his eyes and “mmmm”‘d deep in her throat with submissive pleasure….

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