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  1. Hate waiting for packages around the holidays and with the COVID vaccine deliveries also going on if your stuff is coming UPS or FED EX you could be waiting for a long long time for anything right now, But it looks like you have Janessa waiting even longer my friend and she is much better to look at than anything you could order right now 🙂 Thanks Tony and Have a Happy New Year

  2. Worse, this isn’t the Post Office that Republicans keep trying to defund, then say we need to get rid of it because it can’t do its job! This is one of those Privatized Delivery Services they want to replace it with — which can raise its rates whenever it wants. So THIS is the “Superior Service Capitalism Gives Us”….

    ::quietly hums “The Internationale”::

    Janessa is cute as a cut button bound&gagged on your floor. Is it churlish of me to wish fewer bondage photographers used tapegags over stuffed-mouth cleavegags, ballgags and ring-gags…?

    Hope you had a great Christmas, Tony!

    • We all have our preferences, my friend. 🙂 Like me for example? I always wince when a gal gets bound in kick-ass high heels and then only keeps them on for 2 pics of a 300 picture set. 🙁 I like me some high heels, dammit…lol. And yes, I’m guilty of it too…it’s enough of a phenomenon that I’ll do it occasionally, but less than some folks. 😛

      • Oh, I know, Tony! Since Rope Dreams moved from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups I’ve been sharing some of my 90s output (tiny photos and videos by today’s standards!) — and it’s women wearing pantyhose 90% of the time, stockings maybe 10% of the time, and bare feet…once or twice, maybe?

        Like you, I also want high heels on for as long as possible, unless there’s some storyline reason for them not to wear them — as there was in “Hot Tub Bound”, where Vesta and Shade Paine in a hot tub wearing nothing but pantyhose, when a barefoot A.J. Khan steps in wearing a bikini. Yep, my kinks are right out there for all to see….

        I hope in the next year, if One Thing and Another fades away and we’re back to some kind of normal, to go back and re-edit my un-edited footage and make it available for streaming or download. If I can afford it (which is starting to look more likely as I recently started work as a freelance editor), I might even start shooting again…. 🙂

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