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  1. Still unable to play the podcast on my Samsung Windows7 laptop with optimum.com high speed internet. It’s 1:30PM E.S.T. now – no luck getting the swirling video loading thing. Ditto 3/4AM (see past posts). I’ll keep trying. Guessing the podcast is really popular?
    Janessa looks fine here. And today’s Sasha Fae update on the members side is a great photo set (those legs! Sasha’s perky boobs! and other “assets”). 😉
    Just picked up my Tux today getting married this Saturday (yeah I can’t believe it either)! Gotta make it and through this Saturday without having a heart attack.

    • CONGRATS on your impending wedding! If you suddenly disappear from my comments section, I’ll know why…you’ve gotta focus on your lady instead of the 75 plus I have here on the FANTASY site…time for you to focus!

      Anyway, you’re the only person I know of having problems with the podcast at this point…is the link you’re using ok?


      • Thanks for the kind words (75+ models! – Never counted them before now! Glad my bride to be isn’t reading this)!
        Link gets me to the page. Shows some superheroine bondage? Then hangs with the swirly video loading thing. Think somethings up with my Win7 laptop. Looking for my next system. Wedding and job trump all right now though.. 🙁

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