3 comments on “Kendra James

  1. The producer job does have some nice perks though 🙂 As for the banging the knee off the nightstand that is not one of them 🙁 Have a great day Tony and watchout for the nightstands !!!!

  2. LOL, Tony! Like I used to tell newbie photographers in my Bondage Photography Group, it’s Not an Orgy With Camera — it’s a job, and you need to treat the models with the same professionalism you expect for yourself.

    Usually the only photographers who end up fucking their models are the ones who were in a relationship with them first, and added bondage and photography after — like Vesta and Mikey, or Steve Villa and Vanessa, or Hywel and Ariel.

    Usually, though, if you’re lucky your Significant Other ends up as your Assistant Camera Operator, Wardrobe & Makeup Supervisor, or Deputy Rigger…

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