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  1. I hope that list includes a few Senators and some Congressman that also continued to push these BS theories even after our Capitol was Invaded !!!! And thanks for Kendra such a wonderful and beautiful Model and Woman she is 🙂

  2. +1 to what Todd said. And thankfully arrests have started. Police are gradually working down the lists of everyone who invaded the capital without wearing their COVID19 masks (idiots) including the guy in the viking helmet, and the clown who parked himself on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Senator Pelosi is a @#$%!! don’t think she should be in office but still!
    Eleven more days ’til January 20th..
    Glad Kendra James was tied by ya Tony before she decided to be more of a Dom than a sub (like her better as a submissive – but what ya gonna do)?

  3. Let’s try this again — sorry, Tony, that last post got sent before it was done.

    x1,000,000,000 to Tony, Todd and Stryder!

    Let’s hope that the sitting legislators who persisted in selling these pernicious lies are charged & convicted so they can be removed from power, ever again.

  4. @DrDarke LOL! 🙂 Okay so at least we agree with the current political “situation” (never thought I’d see the United States Capital imitate something from a “third-world” country ruled by a dictator. One week to go until Biden/Harris takes the reins (which won’t magically solve everything or much of ANYTHING really – but I’m pleased that there won’t be another four years of Trump)! Forget impeachment – can we just HANG Trump?

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